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  The earrings are hand-painted miniture award-winning original works of art. Each earring really is a "one of a kind" tiny painting.  The earrings are hand-painted by Claudia to coordinate with the various fabrics that are used to make her unique, patented no tie scarf. She uses tooth picks to paint the detail. The wonder of the miniature art work is in the eclectic myriad of art styles that span every color group- a most unique art form.
Claudia, an artist and certified pattern drafter, for years designed and made many of her own clothes, including her customized accessories. After making gifts of the earrings- then later the scarves- requests for these items quickly grewinto a business. As with other art forms and artist, Claudia has "Collectors" of her art earrings- some haveing almost 400 pair!
               Every earring is individually hand-painted on a PVC base- just like water pipe only it comes in flat sheets. Claudia mixes her own paint and adds a clear jel for texture and gloss. Although as light as paper, these earrings are NOT biodegradable! The posts are hypoallergenic surgical steel and solid rubber backs are available for thse who are sensitive to metal. Clips are also available- just ask.
(HPE) Hand-Painted Earrings
                 Mrs. Dabbieri Developed her own techniques to truly master the art form she created. She came up with the scaf to have "something" to paint the earring for. Much of her own amazement her work won some awards and grew a following of collectior. While she thinks of her own personal collection of 20-25 pair as a nice size (seems to coordinate with everthing in her closet), a suprising number of her collectors have well over a hundred. Claudia no longer paints the volume she once did and expects that the days of painting any at all will be no more than a couple of years. This information is not to encourage you to get the hand-painted earring while you can but to discourage you. The look of a scarf with hand-painted coordinating earrings is so unique that customers only buy scarf and and-painted earring sets. So, if you don't want to get "addicted" to having something so unique and about to come to an end, do not order these.
               The base of the hand=painted earrings is flat PVC and the paints are poly-acrylics, hand mixed. Once the scarf is specified by Item Number, Name, and sometimes Color(s), you then choose a Stud, a1/2"W x 1"L oblong that we call a Min i(for Mini oblong), a 1"Square that is our #1 best selling size and that we call #1, and a 1"W x 1-1/2"L ablong that we call #2. You have the choce of our standard hypoallegenic stainless steel post with comfort disk backs, solid rubber backs for those sensitive to metal, and clip backs ($1 additional charge) for those who do not have pierced ears. The Accessories Order Form will guide you through your custom painted order.reminder, photos of theses earrings are only examples and all earrings will be individually hand-painted. If you are not happy with your earrings you can always return them. See About Us   for return information. All earrings are $14.95 or 3 for $35.
(BDE) Hand-Painted Dangle Earrings
These earrings actually began as an alternative to hand-painted earrings for the web site. You cannot teach someone whitout talent to paint, you can teach a person to copy a layout of beads. Claudia does the work herself, this could change. Many of the colored beads are Czech Fire Crystals along with a variety of gestones, pearls, and specialty glass beads. 
3You do not have to buy the coordinating scarf. The imortance of the scarf is that you are saying to us that you want this color or combination of color and that you want the colors to work with this design style. Unlike painded earrings there is a limit to how many colors can be included. For this reason it is particulararly important to specify the color in a multicolor scarf which you most want to coordinate with. One the Name, Item Number, and Caolor specification of coordinating scarf has been identified you have other choices to customize your earrings. (*3)Sizes: 31 is a dangle; #2 is a 1-1/2" dangle; and #3 is a 2" dangle(most popular). A portion of is use to make the "loop", dangle is less than the original length. (*4) is for you to choose (G) gold finish or (S) silver finish or a combination (8) of both. Then (*5) do you want Posts, Fishhooks, or Clips? If you want post our standard Comfort clutch will be used unless you specify Posts-R (rubber).
Identification/Order#/Grid Location Code
S - Scarf *
T - T-Shag *
      - T-Shag Bracelet *
E - Earrings*
     H - Hand-Painted
            Drop Downs for H:
            Choose a size
                 sd -   Studs(1/4th of a 1" square)
                 mi -   Mini oblongs (1/2" wide x 1" long)
                 #1 -   Bet Seller (1" square)
                 #2 -   Large Oblong (1" wide x 1-1/2" long)
           Choose a back
                  N-   Non-Allergenic post, disk back
                          (Standard stainless steel posts)
                  R-   Rubber Backs (w/Non-allergenic post)
                  C-   Clips (non-pierced)
Note: Other Codes for other items will be used with T-Shags and M & M Combos, not with Scarves. 
D- Dangles
     Drop downs for D:
     Choose a finish 
           G -   Gold
            S -   Silver
                          (Will not offer both together)
      Choose a size
           sh -   short (1")
           md -  medium (1-1/2")
           lg  -    long (2")
      Choose a back
            F -   Fishook
            C -   Clips
            -   Non-Allergenic post, Disk back
            R -    Rubber Backs (w/ Non-Allergenic                        Post.)