Aquas, Turquoises, Teals

5-49 Aqua Carringtonn(M-LCT)

5-50 Nags Head (M-LTC)

5-49 Pastlel Waverly (L-Chiffon)

4-43 Peyton (M-Microsilk)

5-50 Kimmy (M-

5-50 Design Line Stipes (L-Chiffon)

5-51 Arabesque (M-Georgette)

5-51 Splash

5-52 Teal Blue ( H-Crepe)

5-51 Autumn Bouquet (L-Chiffon)

5-51 Wildflowers
(L-TC: Dark Brown)

5-52 Blue Heaven (L-Chiffon)

5-54 Pinwheels (L-Chiffon)

5-52 Teal Roses (L-Chiffon)

5-52 Autumn Leaves (M-Jacquard)

5-52 Teal Paisley (M-Silky)

5-55 Designer Blocks (L-LTC)

5-55 Etched Chevron (M-Georgette)

5-55 Autumn Georgette (H-Satin)

5-55 Twigz (H-Satin)

5-56 Mayan Mosaic (L-LTC)

5-56 Streaming (L-Chiffon)

5-56 Mosiac Blossoms
(H- Crepe)

5-55Liz (M-Microsilk)

5-57 Sheer Teal Green (L-Chiffon)

5-57 Totems (M-Microsilk)

5-58 Brushstrokes Teal (M-Nicrosilk)

5-58 DeMarco Teal
Green (L-Chiffon)

5-58 Teal Paisley Glitz

5-59 Sierra (H-Satin)

5-59 Teal Green (H-Crepe)

5-59 Speckled ZigZag (M-Mirosilk)

 Periwinkles, Blues, Navies                       Greens, Limes, Olives
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