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If you come across pictures of flower or mountains or other stuff, anything but Scarves, T-Shags, Earrings, or other accessories- ignore them. Those are just place holders for work I still have to do. If you have questions that you cant find the answer to or something in particular you're looking for but can't find on the site just email me at [email protected] or give me  a call at 404 493-2011 and I'll see if I can help you.  I admit - I hate working on this site! I'm not a computer person and I find this extremely stressful - but I haven't found a good alternative to having a site either!
Hi! My name is Claudia and I created Beyound Infinitytm scarves years before most people even knew what an 'infinity scarf' was and years before the teens who started the trend were even born! My patented scarf is the first scarf ever - and is still the best scarf ever - to be based on the Mobius Strip.
If you're here because you've seen us at one of our events then you'll see that our site is a lot like our booth: The Homepage and Trends are pretty much like our front display that changes with seasons. The scarves and T-Shags follow a color wheel: carousels on tables at events and grouped by colors on pages here. The earrings - many of which I paint on the spot at events - and everything else I create - like bracelets, dangle earrings, focals, headbands, and beanies -  pretty much revolve around the scarves. 
If  you're visiting us for the very first time we hope you'll take the grand tour and visit all our pages. 

Winter Classic Red/Black/White Nothing is a more 'classic' color combination than red, black, and white and nothing is more stunning..  So you are not a winter.  No matter, true red is a 'neutral' neither cool or warm and everyone has a color in the red family - from coral to burgundy - that is their best color.  For more about all the reds, see Trends.

Beyond Infinitytm Scarves (Patent #5,867,835),    $ 16.95  3/$ 42
Custom Designed and Hand-Crafted  T-Shagstm    $ 16.95  3/$ 42
Hand-Painted Original Art or Hand-Beaded Custom Earrings   $ 16.95  3/$ 42
         Mix or Match three items or more for $14.00 each.
We really want you to be happy with our work.
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  1. Reds for every Season
    Reds for every Season
    Red Rose Metallic, Midnight Garden, Coral Diamondback, Hot Spring ZZ
  2. Daisies - for all seasons
    Daisies - for all seasons
    T-Shag w/Black Heart Scarf, chiffon scarves in red spectrum
  3. Metallic Daisies T- Shag
    Metallic Daisies T- Shag
    3/$42 Co-ordinate w/Black or Metallic Daisies
  4. B/W Waverly Lattice
    B/W Waverly Lattice
    Co-ordinates with everything red
Beyond Infinitytm
The most Unique Creations at the Best Prices!
  Best Ever Scarf
      T-Shagstm and T-Shag Items
Custom Order Earrings
Easiest to wear, easiest to style, and affordable!  As the 'Beyond Infinity'tm  Scarf is patented and may not be copied, we do offer a custom service.  You can have us make our patented scarf for you from your fabric or scarves.  Our charge for that service is $7.00 per scarf plus $5 Flat Fee shipping.   We also work with groups to locate fabrics that will work for their particular purpose and give  discounts to groups of ten or more.  Email  any questions you may have to [email protected]
One of the really great things about T-Shags is that the design possibilities are really beyond infinity. I love nothing more than coming up with unique T-Shags and other items made from T-strips. So much fun!  It's literally truly possible to co-ordinate with everything imaginable in fashion. Send us a photo, name your school, name your cause, or what's your 'Season' or what are your favorite colors or color combinations? In addition to our standard 'Custom Made' T-Shags we can do even more.  If you have something really unique in mind, give Claudia a call at 404 493-2011 or send her an  email to  [email protected]
Unlike the scarves and T-Shags - which I make using the most efficient production processes possible -  the earring are   pretty much custom painted or individually designed, according to the size ordered, at the time they're ordered.   Because women can be so particular about their earrings we offer you a number of options when you order earrings in hopes of making earrings that are just perfect for you.  You don't have to order scarves or T-Shags in order to order earrings but the scarves and T-Shags are how you identify to  me the  design/colors for the earrings you would like to have.  Click on Earrings for more details about how to order.
            How many designs can be created using only 7 design lines?  How many colors can be mixed using only 3 primary colors with black and white?  How many different T-Shagtm designs are possible with a hundred colors of T-strips that can be combined with any of the hundreds and hundreds of different yarns available?  How many beads -colors, shapes, sizes, finishes, opaque, translucent, natural, man-made, cheap, expensive - can be used to create earrings and focals?  How many fabrics are there?  How many T-Shirts are there? 
Create - that's what we really love to do.  We create co-ordinated, original and unique fashion accessories.  All of our handmade and/or hand-painted accesories are great looking, easy to coordinate with your basic wardrobe, comfortable, easy to style, easy to care for, and are affordable.!  As well as coming up with our own unique designs